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Lighted, Mobile Billboard Advertising Trucks

Huge, lighted billboard trucks get your business noticed in front of your store, at an event event, and all over town! Ad Wagon is ready to help you go big, affordably, with the flexibility and service you need to succeed.

100% Advertising

Plan by the day, or even hour with mobile billboard advertising.

Pay only for actual time in market and control the routes and where ads will be seen.

Mobile billboards eliminate downtime and wasted space!

You’re in control of the timing, budget and placement.

With Ad Wagon mobile billboard campaigns, there is no wasted time or space! Your message is seen exactly where you need it to be, in front of the right people at the right time, making it more impactful and memorable.

You get the flexibility you need to make quick changes, because you are in complete control of the truck and driver, with no need to contact us for changes, and no additional costs. Each truck is equipped with a GPS tracker, so you know its every move.

Take advantage of short-term rentals ideal for events and long-term leases to cover multiple locations, for one affordable price.

BIGGER is Better

A mobile billboard has over 300 sq. ft. of advertising space!

This unique form of advertising can’t be missed, and people will remember it.

Our lighted billboard trucks are bright and eye-catching, day or night!

All over town, your ad can’t be missed.

With a huge, moving billboard, potential customers will certainly see you coming! Whether we’re driving around key parts of your city, or throwing an event in front of your store, your ad is front-and center.

Even at night, our back-lit billboard trucks make your message shine bright. Don’t stop advertising just because it nighttime, a lighted ad message is even more eye-catching after dark!

Billboard advertising trucks are perfect for blitz marketing your local area, creating brand awareness around town, attending large events and getting your business noticed roadside. Retail stores LOVE our trucks!

ACTIVE Advertising

The element of surprise makes billboard truck advertising memorable!

Unlike many static forms of outdoor, mobile billboard advertising is on wheels and has an energy that comes with it, almost this feeling that your ad is coming to life.

Mobile billboard advertising moves with you, creates excitement and attention-grabbing fun.

Don’t sit back and wait for potential customers to notice you, create some fun and excitement with a billboard advertising truck as a centerpiece to your next store event.

A sound system is included with each truck, which can also be packed full of everything you need, including tents, tables and more.

Our drivers deliver the truck to events, help with set up and even participate! We’ll even coordinate everything with your local teams to make it a turn-key marketing campaign for you.

Plus, we work with you to plan routes driving routes across your city, and can even ‘visit’ your competitors. And, we’ll take photos you can use on social media and to promote your event in real time.

Mobile Billboards reach people in ways that television, radio or desktop advertising cannot.


Recall rate of mobile billboards – the highest ranked outdoor media.*


People who say mobile billboards have more of an impact than traditional ones.**


People make last-minute buying decisions. 30% make buying decisions from ads.***

AdWagon was Founded with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

At Ad Wagon, we believe that our ability to deliver uniqueness and quality with high impact advertising allows us to be the most desired form of advertising for growing and changing industries.

By delivering fast, appealing and excellent results by obtaining a high visibility we’re able to create innovative marketing for you. Ad Wagon can be customized to any business or event. Advertise with curb appeal.

* Studies by the Transportation Council of America show mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate – the highest ranked outdoor ad media by 11% over buses, taxis and stationary billboards.

** According to Mobile Billboard Research, nearly 30% of consumers said they would base a buying decision on an ad that they see, and two out of five consumers make last-minute decisions to shop.

***Studies by the American Trucking Association show that 96% of the viewers of mobile outdoor advertisements say they have more impact than a static billboard.

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